You know what time it is…

Kair Blonde Highlighting Refill Kit

I recently wrote a post on what I used to get my hair highlighted in an ombre effect and this stuff plays a major role. Lurrrrrve it. It’s basically straight up hydrogen peroxide and the refill kit comes with the cream activator and declaring powder only, the full kit comes with both as well as a brush and a pair of gloves for an R20 extra. You know I’ve already repurchased!

Wellness Warehouse Lip Balm Lime and Mandarin

This product has 100% natural ingredients so if you’re concerned about ingesting the bad stuff this one is a no-brainer. I really liked the Lime & Mandarin flavour, there’s also a Coconut and Mint variety. Not going to repurchase because I have 101 lip balms atm but I did feel like these are nourishing and worth the buck.

Maybelline The Colossal 100% black mascara

Farewell dear friend. I’ve had this mascara for years (oops) and it has been a trusty old pal. What I liked most about this mascara was the wand which had an over-sized bristled head that tapered towards the end. It got better and better the drier it got. I’ve since moved on to waterproof mascaras because they hold up a curl infinitely better but this one was a classic Maybelline win.

Dr Hauschka Hydrating Hand Cream

I got this little sample in a goodie bag last year and it’s been my handbag for just as long until I finally finished. I liked the medicinal smell and did find it could do it’s job however I wasn’t blown away as I expected to be since Dr H is outrageously expensive. Won’t be buying.

Johnson & Jonson Unscented Face wipes

Nope. No. Scratched my face & dried up quickly. Sticking to Simple wipes from now on. The best I’ve tried so far.

Have any of you tried these products? What’s your fav Maybelline mascara?



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