Instagram Round-up II

Hey yoooou.

Hope you’re kicking ass today!

This is the second time we’re doing a Instagram round-up on the blog (see the first one here). We really love being on Instagram, and being able to interact with all of you!

instagram round up 2


1. Three of the Smudged girls got together and got Jodi the Mary-Lou Manizer highlighted from The Balm Cosmetics for her birthday – upping the number of us who own it to 3 out of 4!

2. Beth looooves this Wet n Wild glitter cream shadow – it’s in our June Favourites post here.

3. How we feel. Everyday.

4. I visited Sorbet in Rondebosch for a pedi last month as they were running a great special for the month of June.

5. And of course, while at Sorbet I was attracted to the most glittery colours possible. Like a magpie!

6. Beth’s blonde ombre hair story went up on the blog – check it out here.

7. How do you guys feel about strobing?

8. Thanks Nivea for this great little gift that landed on our desk! Expect a review of these babies soon.

9. My favourite nail colour at the moment, that has hardly left my nails over the last month or so. Sally Hansen in Belle of the Ball. See the full post of Sally Hansen’s new colours here.

Do you follow us on Instagram? What do you want to see more of? Let us know, we love hearing from you.

Love, cocktails and glitter!




  1. Belle of the Ball looks so flippin good on you!

    1. Thanks my girl!

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