Winter Essentials

Heyyyy guys.

We know winter is almost over but you never know with this Cape Town weather, so we thought why not share with you what our winter essentials are, and how we’ve been coping with this freezing cold winter.

Beth’s Winter Essentials

bio oil


I was recently gifted some bio-oil at the beginning of winter and since I am absolutely useless at maintaining any kind of body skincare routine I’ve been finding the best way to use the oil is in a bath! I squirt about a teaspoon into the bath and let the oil soak into my skin this way as apposed to post bath application. The oil usually remains in the tub for the second round so I don’t feel like I’ve wasted too much product when the plug comes out.

lipidol cleansing body oil

Lipidol Cleansing Body Oil

Again, same concept, I like to soak up the oil while I lay in the bath. These two oils help to keep my skin hydrated during the winter time without hanging out neked and cold waiting for a body body to soak up!

lucas papaw

Lucas Papaw Ointment

I use this every night before bed as my lips can dry out a little bit more in the winter time from all the air con and general lack of moisture in the winter. This winter has been particularly face-numbingly cold so I’ve really been slapping this stuff on!

Jess’ Winter Essentials

nivea firming body lotion

Nivea Firming Body Lotion

I do love a multi-tasking product, like this one that keeps me moisturized and keeps my skin happy.  I love that it absorbs super quickly too so that I can quickly throw on a hoodie before I freeze to death. It also smells so fresh and lovely, not overpoweringly sweet.

labello lip butter

Labello Lip Butter (Raspberry Rose)

I’m loving the Labello Lip Butter in Rasspberry Rose, and it’s really been helping my dry lips this winter. The Shea Butter & Almond oil make my lips very moisturised and happy!

How do you deal with the freezing cold weather?

Let us know!






  1. There is a paw paw ointment that is now sold at Dischem. I haven’t tried the Lucas one, so I cannot compare. But I am loving the one from Dischem.

    1. Awesome to hear – definitely need to check out the paw paw ointment from Dischem, do you know what brand it is?

      1. It’s called Ozzies Paw Paw. There is a picture of it here.

        I would love to know how it compares

      2. awesome! we’ll have to check it out :)

  2. […] wrote a little post about our winter essentials, which you can find here, these included some products from Labello, Nivea, Lipidol and Bio […]

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