August Favourites


Can you believe its the end of August already and we’re back with our monthly favs?! These are the products that we’ve been using and loving this month.

la girl nude palette

LA Girl Eyeshadow Collection – Nudes

I am beyond excited that I finally got my hands on the LA Girl nude palette. I mean FINALLY! For R69.99 it is an absolute steal. That being said, when I saw how much it was I was a bit concerned about the quality and the colour payoff. I’ve been playing with the palette for the last few weeks and I can tell you the colour payoff is really actually pretty good. Expect a couple of tutorials, eeeee, I can’t wait! – Jess

nivea soft tube

Nivea Refreshingly soft moisturizing cream

This little baby has been sitting on my desk lately, and is really helping to keep my hands happy, soft, and moisturized this winter. Love that it doesn’t have a hectic smell, and it is (as it says) just soft and lovely. Also very handy size to keep in your handbag. Winning. It is quickly absorbed by my dry hands, which means I can carry on with my work. – Jess

labello lip butter

Labello Lip Butter – Vanilla & Macadamia Flavour

We got sent a couple of these lip butters from Labello – thanks Labello – and I am crushing hard on the Vanilla and Macadamia flavour. Blessed are those who get to kiss the lips of someone who has this on their smackers. It smells exactly like white chocolate and it’s creamy and buttery just as the name suggests and even though it is in a tin which is the type of lip product I tend to avoid, it is wide enough to apply directly to your lips without using you fingers. Although you may look like a fool doing so :P – Beth


Stila All Over Shimmer Liquid Luminizer – Bronze Shimmer

An absolute must in my make-up bag, I thought I would take a bit about this liquid bronzer from Stila. I was gifted this a few years ago and for the life of me could not figure out how to work with it until I read a blog post from Kiss Blush and Tell suggested I mix it in with my foundation. Wowzer. Game changer. It makes my foundation look so much more glowy and dewy without having to pack on the powder highlighters. I always use this for making my dull skin shine and is an essential in my base routine. – Beth



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