L’Oreal Expert Lumino Contrast Mask

Oh my. I’ve had this mask for a very long time. In fact so long I’m actually too embarrassed to disclose! However I think that is a testament to how great it’s shelf life is if it’s lasted past a decade, shit has it really been that long? It’s one of the best hair masks I’ve ever used and it’s made specifically for colour treated hair and I can’t wait to purchase a new one :D.

Lush Ultrabland Cleanser

This was the first thing I ever bought from Lush and it lasted much longer in my bathroom then it should have :) It is a heavy duty balm cleanser which I used for removing stubborn mascara and eye make-up. If you don’t like the feeling of residual cleanser left on your face after you clean it I wouldn’t advise buying it but if you have dry skin and need a cleanser that wont strip your face maybe take a look at Ultrabalm. Won’t repurchase as I’m trying to finish another balm cleanser atm.

MAC Fling Brow Pencil

Another empties, another MAC fling. There really is no other brow pencil for me. I actually have been using an eyeshadow to fill in my brows lately and so this pencil took me much longer to finish. I’m including it in my post to remind you of the back to MAC program which gifts you one lipstick or eyeshadow of your choice in exchange for 6 empty MAC containers/pots.

Lush Sea Spray Hair Mist

Okay so I didn’t purchase this item myself but got the last few drops of it when my sister gave me this product to try out. It’s a lovely sea salt hair texturising spray that smells amazing from the Neroli oil that’s used in it. It’s pretty easy to make your own DIY version but I plan on picking one up next time I’m near a Lush store. Will review when I have it!

Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Balance 

I was given a lovely little sample pack of Dermalogica products that I’ve been trying to make my way through and this is the first item I’ve used up. Yes it was moisturising but to be totally honest I expected more moisture of longer and even though the cream was thick I just wasn’t blown away by the product.

What have you finished recently that you’ve already repurchased :)?



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  1. […] Another day, another empties post. We love sharing what we think about products, and whether we’d re-buy them or not if definitely a good indicator. Beth’s empties post was a good one – read it here. […]

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