Purple Ombre Brows Tutorial

Hey hey,

So I’ve been playing around with gentian violet in the last few months and have been dying my locks purple on and off. I also thought it would be fun to rock some matching brows so I recorded how I do this and with which eyeshadows.


Left: Random cheapo shadows from the Clicks Madam Zingara palette Right: Stila Artistry Palette MAC Charcoal Brown

So gentian violet is very cool toned, almost to the point of being indigo in colour, but fades to a lavender tone. It’s really important to select cool toned shadows and ones that aren’t too dark. I found using a shadow that is too dark made me have crazy eyes so keep it light and built it up to increase colour intensity.

step-1Step 1

Run some clear gel or wax onto your brows to hold up their shape. They need to hold up because if a hair strays it will look odd in contrast to all the coloured hairs.


Step 2

I used my MAC coloured brow gel just to lighten and full any spaces but also more importantly to create a sticky base for the shadows to cling too. This formula is kind of tacky so it works perfectly.


Step 3

Start by filling the entire brow shape with the lightest shade.


Step 4

Work the second darkest shade in the middle of the brow and the darkest purple towards the ends. Blending colours into brows are quite easy, just keep going with small strokes as you would with a standard brow shadow.


Step 5

Two create that ombre effect, I worked a bit of the white shadow into the front of my brows. It also lightens the colour underneath it.


Step 6

Lastly to darken the colour on the tails I used my regular brow shadow, MAC charcoal brown, to define the ends a bit more.


And voilà, ombre brows! I recommend wearing cool toned shades on the eyes, hello Satin Taupe, to really pull the look together.


And this is what it looks like when paired with the hair. The brows look much more subtle (and better) in life but you get the just of it :)





  1. We have the same hair right now! Though mine is shorter. I was considering doing purple brows one day to try it out and I like the look on you so maybe I really will give it a go!

    1. Awesome :) I want to go shorter so I imagine it looks fantastic! You should definitely give it a go, comes off in the shower at the end of the day too :)

      1. Oh yes I know! Now I just need to find a cooler purple. Mines very eggplant-y.
        You should cut yours shorter!!! It’s so free :)

  2. Love love love!!! I need to try this…my brown/red brows aren’t working with the magenta hair :/

    1. OMG yaaaas! Magenta brows ftw! Do you have any shadows that could work? So much fun!!!!

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