Essentials for ‘Fake’ Blondes 2.0

Just over two years ago I wrote this post, I’d been a ‘fake’ blonde for about six months.  Today, it’s still one of the most read posts on this blog, and people are still commenting with questions about how much gentian violet they should put in their shampoo, what they can do to fix a bad batch of highlights, and more.

I thought that since now I’ve been a ‘fake’ blonde for over two years, and my  hair and hair care routine has changed dramatically, it’s about time for an update. I’m going to go through my hair journey first, then how I’m looking after my hair, then we’ll talk about gentian violet. This post might be a bit longer than usual, but according to our stats, this is what a lot of you guys are interested in!

Hair journey

The last three years have been quite an epic journey, I’ve gone from full on brunette (I said I would never go blonde, but I did experiment with a bit of blue), to a DIY ombre (that I looooved at the time, but looking back it was rather orange – could’ve used ALOT of gentian violet), to DIY blonde (don’t do it), to proper professional blonde highlights which I kept up for about two years, to shorter blonde to get rid of the damaged ends, more highlights, then I broke up with my hairdresser (that will be another whole blog post) to now a much more natural looking blonde ombre with shorter hair to give it some time to recover (thanks to my new hairdresser Dean from Scar).

Here is that story in pictures:

brunette to blonde

When I look at the photos above I just can’t believe how much my hair has changed in the last few years!

Before I went to Dean, my hair was really needing some time to just recover, that’s why we went with the ombre vibe, cut off the dead ends and I’m slathering my hair in a deep conditioning treatment everytime I wash it.

Hair care

From straightening my hair every day, the blonde highlights (which weren’t always done well – hence breaking up with my previous hairdresser) and other factors, my hair has been dry, brittle and just not very happy. A few months ago (and after a few conversations with Dean) I decided that this had to change. After my ombre hair makeover and cutting the dead ends off, Dean made me promise not to straighten my hair for 3 months. My first thought: IMPOSSIBLE.  Buuut it’s been over a month now and I’m going strong. I will confess that I’ve used my hair straightener once – because I had a little piece of hair that was just not cooperating, but apart from that I’ve been super good!

My hair care routine now consists of these products:

indola silver shampoo

Indola silver shampoo

I’ve been loving this shampoo for a while now, and it really does keep the blonde alive. I use this every second time I wash my hair, and in between I use either the Dove Nourishing Oil Care shampoo or Tresemme’s Colour Protection shampoo. When I run about of this shampoo, and before I can get to the salon to buy it, I will just add some gentian violet to whatever shampoo I’m using at the time, but more on that later. This Indola shampoo is not incredibly moisturising, but I really like my conditioner/treatment for that.

dove intense repair mask

Dove Intensive Repair Deep Repairing Mask

Yes, my hair needs some deep repairing, and this baby is what is giving that to it at the moment. I do like to switch up my conditioners because I sometimes feel (maybe I’m crazy) like my hair gets used to a certain product and then it doesn’t work as well – do any of you feel that? I have also tried a few products that just didn’t do anything for my hair, like this Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor. Anyway, I like to spice up my conditioning routine by adding in some of the below:

  • Marilyn Hair Treatment from Lush (which helps with the brassy tones AND makes your hair feel amazingly soft)
  • Dove Nourishing Oil Care Conditioner (which I mentioned here in the previous fake blondes post and it’s still a favourite)

Those are what I’ve found to work the best with my hair so far. I’ve made it my mission to try out more conditioners over the next few months and review the best ones for fake blonde hair, so I’ll let you know!

Okay, so now I’ve shampooed and conditioned my hair, this is what happens next:

frizz off

Lee Stafford Frizz Off

I’ve really been enjoying the product lately, especially since I’ve stopped straightening my hair. I rub a few sprays of this through my damp hair and then give my hair a little blast with my hair dryer (especially if I’ve washed my hair before work). This really does reduce the amount of frizz I’ve got going on, and leaves my hair feeling soft and loved.


TRESemme Oil Elixir

My hair is loving this right now. After my hair is almost completely dry, I rub some of this oil on my ends. It smoothes everything out and really makes my hair look and feel a lot better than before. I try and remember to put some of this on my hair everyday, just to ensure that my hair is feeling loved. If I had oily hair I probably wouldn’t do this, but seeing as my hair is super dry, it soaks this oil up super quickly.

If I’m going out and putting in a tiny bit more effort with my hair I may also use the Lee Stafford Shine Spray to give my hair a beautiful shine-y look, and the spray smells amazing, which is a win!

Every so often I’m still using my gentian violet, but now I’m using gentian violet mixed with water in a spray bottle rather than adding it to my shampoo. I feel like this gives me more control of where I need the gentian violet, so I can spray it only on my roots.

Using this hair care routine, and with not straightening my hair, I’ve definitely seen an improvement in the condition of my hair over the last while. Because of this, I’m really considering not straightening my hair daily again, but rather keeping it for special occasions and that kinda vibe. A year ago I would never have thought that I would say this, but here I am. #saynotostraightening

Gentian violet

So, according to our stats, this is what you guys are searching for.

  • adding gentian violet to your shampoo – you can read Beth’s detailed post about it here, basically you want to add a couple of drops (around 5 I would say) to your shampoo. This helps to banish those brassy tones that build up in your fake blonde hair. Be careful how much gentian violet you’re putting into your shampoo, too much and it can temporarily dye your hair. You can also add some gentian violet to water, I would go with 1 part gentian violet, 20 parts water, in a spray bottle, and spray this into your hair before shampooing. This also works well with getting rid of the brassy yellow tones.
  • dying your hair with gentian violet – Beth uses gentian violet to dye her hair purple, but I’m sure she’ll be writing a post about that soon!

Sho, that was a freaking long post. If you have any questions just leave me a comment!





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  3. 1) Totally agree with your theory about hair being unresponsive to product after a while!
    2) Your hair at Em’s wedding was flawless
    3) Must give you a sample of a mask I use. Once a week, on a sunday for an hour, life changing.

    1. 1) i know – so weird!
      2) Thank you – need it to grow so I can do that again!
      3) yes please! want to sample alll the conditioners & masks so that I can see what works best, because not everything works for me (example – Aussie 3 in 1 reconstructor)
      4) you’re the best.

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