Instagram round-up III

Hiiiii *waves*

I’m back with Vol III of our Instagram round-ups. Do you guys like these? Should I continue to do them? You can check out our previous ones here:

Round-up I

Round-up II

Eeeeee. I do quite enjoy having a little look back through our recent Instagrams and seeing what’s been going on. Anyway, here goes…

instagram roundup


  1. This is what would happen to us if we had a Sephora in Cape Town.
  2. Lovely Labello lip butters that have been saving our lips in these cold dry months.
  3. Beth’s lovely brown smokey eye tutorial which you can check out here.
  4. Just something that made us LOL.
  5. LIFE MOTTO yo.
  6. We had the chance to do Grade 10 dance make-up for these four lovely girls. All of them looked stunning!
  7. Winter fashion, we’re going to miss you.
  8. Rimmel Super Shine 60 second nail polish which we put to the test here.
  9. All of the beautiful colours in the Rimmel Super Shine 60 seconds collection.

{oh and in case any of you were wondering, I use to create the collages – awesome free photo editing site}

Let us know if you enjoy these posts and want to see more of them.

Love, birthday kisses and gin,



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