My Foundation Collection

Hi friends,

So I have a collection, it is a collection that has been growing for many years now. Some of these foundations have been sent to us Smudged girls, some passed along to me and about 4 have been purchased. I thought I’d give mini reviews on each one and let you know which are my favs.


MAC Studio Sculpt NW (neutral warm) 15

One of my top 3 foundations, I love this one. The Studio Sculpt formula is of a mousse texture formulated for people with drier skin. It’s medium to full coverage foundation so looks flawless on skin if you use it with a beauty blender. It also doesn’t settle into fine lines because it’s not a liquid so I think it’s the bomb when mixed with my natural oils. NW is a little on the pinky side for me, but I enjoy looking jaundice, so I would say it is actually a really good match for me in the winter time. And it smells like vanilla coffee. Mmmmmm.

MAC Studio Fluid NC (neutral cool) 15

My first non-drugstore foundation I ever purchased many moons ago and it’s still going strong. I stopped using it for a couple of years when I found other foundations that were better suited for my skin. Studio Fluid is a full coverage liquid foundation, not great for dry skin types, but this year I’ve managed to keep my skin a little more hydrated then usual so I can wear this comfortably in the winter if I use a stippling brush to really work the foundation into my skin.

Yves Rocher Serum Foundation Beige 100

This may be my current favourite foundation of life and it was such a random purchase at a beauty sale. It is my most yellow foundation, one I actually struggle to wear with any warm bronzer, but since it is so pale I end up wearing it in the winter sans bronzer or I like to mix it with another foundation that’s too pink for me. This foundation taught me that anything super liquidly; in this case, to the point of being a serum, looks so good on someone with dry skin. The finish is undetectable and the coverage is pretty good for something so thin. Only bummer is that Yves Rocher doesn’t stock it in SA anymore, but if you see one over seas grab one for you and one for me please!

Stila Illuminating Liquid Foundation 40 Watts

– I have a strange relationship with this foundation. I used to hate it, but now if I’m having a good skin day and I use the right tool to work it into my skin it can make my face look pretty damn flawless. I love the shade of this foundation, it is my most neutral out of all my foundations and it is definitely illuminating in the most beautiful way that makes your skin glow without being obvious. It is however thick and quite difficult to blend, the only thing I can use with it is a stippling brush. You will see it on your face if you don’t move quickly and apply small amounts at a time. Also has a strong clay scent.

Yardley Defy Time Medium Beige

– Hello pink lady! So this is from the drugstore and so is naturally very warm in colour. It has a satin finish and the longevity is pretty good. I’m not wowed by it buuuut it’s certainly one of the most impressive foundations I’ve ever tried form the drugstore. Its is super easy to blend and pretty pigmented.

Smashbox Fair F1

– This is my most least used foundation that I bought at a sale. I’m looking forward to using it this Summer when I have a tan and I’m a tad more sweaty and in need of a cream foundation. I’m still experimenting with it as a contour shade but when I have played with it I am pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to blend.

MAC Studio Fluid C3.5

– Terrible colour match for me, was matched when I was wearing my Garnier BB cream that is very warm on me, but I use it quite regularly to mix with my other foundations when I’m darker in the summer time or for wearing at night when I can get away with looking a little bit darker. Again like my NC15, the formula is not great for my dry skin but wears okay on days when I’m sweating a bit more or in da club when you’re sweating a hellava lot.

Yardley Stayfast Foundation in Natural

– The darkest colour in my collection. I’m interested to see if I can get away with wearing this one this summer because when I did try this one out for a post and I remember really liking the finish of it. It’s full coverage and highly pigmented so it really needs to be blended out. It doesn’t have a super matte finish and when it settled with my natural oils I really started to love it.


I hope this was informative :) Have a lovely weekend everyone!




  1. Love these comparative posts, always so fun to see what other people have in their foundation stash.
    xxx Anne

  2. Interesting that you’re liking the Stila more…I must try work with mine again!

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