Rimmel Nude Collection by Kate

Rimmel sent us a super rad range of nude shades from their current Nude Collection by Kate Moss. I think the swatches say it all so scroll away and let us know at the end of the post what you think!

The range was created to flatter every skin tone, quite a task for our rainbow nation if you ask me, in a way that creates natural glamour in an understated way. The Nude Collection offers delicate pinks, subtle apricots, cashmere beiges and rich toffee tones as you will see in the swatches below. I had a great time deciding which undertone suited my personal complexion best.



Left to Right: Sensual Spice, Mystify Me, Gentle Kiss & Bare Yourself

I like the range of nude colours in this collection but I would like them even more if they were all a few shades lighter. Some are just too dark to be considered a nude in my opinion but I wear them anyway. My favourite from the lot is Gentle Kiss. The quality is pretty good too for a drugstore range, apparently there is Lycra in the formula, and have lasted without chipping on my nails for a good 4/5 days.



Number: 41


Number: 42


Number: 43


Number: 45


Number: 46


Number: 48

My favourites for the lipstick collection are Number 42 (oh Lordy number 42!), Number 45 & Number 48. What I really like about these lippies is their sheer formula, they are PERFECT for daytime wear or for when you grab a bite to eat and don’t want to worry about your lipstick fading in an obvious way. I enjoyed the subtle colour difference of each shade, you have a very good chance of finding a nude from this lipstick collection that flatters you in all the right ways.

Do any of you guys own anything from the collection?



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