Blonded {guest post}

Hello guys, today we’ve got our first guest post on Smudged –  Georgia East from The Fortunate Ones



The difficulty with changing anything about one’s appearance is the initial adjustment and the ongoing upkeep. But no one tells you this when you decide to say, get a face tattoo or wear clogs full-time. Or go from your natural deep mahogany brunette to bleached blonde. Well, they do tell you, but one often never listens.

It’s this exact ‘I told you so’ frying pan I currently find myself in after channeling 2010 Agyness Deyn and braving white blonde for the second time in my existence. Unfortunately, just like the first occasion, I’m living to slightly regret it. I say slightly, because my first pirouette with peroxide was a far worse ordeal. Normal bleach caused my mind as well as my strands to snap and a month later my bonce had undergone a buzzcut worthy of bananas-Britney. I think I donned a beanie for about three months while my hair grew back in. This time around, a little-known miracle product called OLAPLEX piqued my enthusiasm while promising to retain silky, shiny hair even after such an invasive chemical process like bleaching.

So it was with this experience in mind that I found myself researching Olaplex, which with it’s promises of better-conditioned hair with no breakage after bleaching, sounded too good to be true. That coupled with the seriously pricey process of adding it to blonder shades, it seemed like an entirely bad decision. I immediately called a Cape Town hair salon that advertised Olaplex and booked myself in. I must add that at the time, I had just gotten rid of the jet black I had had in my hair over winter and was hoping to grow my pixie out into a short bob. Why then chase blonde hair? Because I’m drawn to shitty ideas. And I’m also consistent – I always see them through. Don’t think me harsh against change though, going blonde is loads of fun! But the toll it takes on your hair is often not worth it. This is where Olaplex is able to help, as it works at rebuilding chemically-treated hair as the hair itself is being stripped of colour. I had done my research and so felt a little more relaxed about taking the leap across the colour spectrum, but nothing prepares you for when the first lot of peroxide comes off your burning noggin to reveal fluorescent yellow tips and flame orange ends (courtesy of that leftover black box dye). I looked like a Nineties acid-rave troll and this was only my first hour in. There was no going back now… Cut to 5/30 hours later with open burns on my head and a blonde so bright I had to squint. Not the toned-down ashy grey I had imagined, but a tight false shade that leant to the side of brassiness. Although I was told to return at a later date so the hideous hue my hair had turned could be toned down and the yellowness removed, there was no way I was going through that level of burn again. So home I went quite a lot poorer to snivel in the darkness, my head covered in coconut oil.


Two weeks later, during which I tried to remove the brass by colouring pearly platinum box dye over the bleach as well as experimenting with gentian violet for a soft lilac look, I got my blonde right; ashy silver grey. But with me being a fake blonde and all, my natural tendencies keep the colour wanting to go back to yellow and so I have to use purple-tinted silvering shampoo every night as well as serious amounts of hair masks to retain moisture. Olaplex has really succeeded in keeping my locks strong and soft, but as it’s a three-step system and the salon that took me to blonde didn’t have stock of the third at-home treatment in the Olaplex trinity, I’m left with extremely dry hair. Which pisses me off because I wasn’t told this when I booked and asked specifically for Olaplex. Us consumers aren’t as dumb as we used to be…when it comes to our hair, we do our research.

Nevertheless, what is done is done and so I’ll keep my hair on (see what I did there) and state the obvious here; there is no such thing as a casualty-free transition from brunette to platinum blonde, even with amazing products. Just under a month after my ordeal I’m having more hindrance than enjoyment from my lighter mop, and the application of deep-conditioning treatments, coconut & olive oils, avocado, eggs and even mayonnaise masks have become almost a daily routine in a wish to return my hair to something other than straw. Even as I write this, I resemble a human condom with an icky mixture of mayo, egg yolk, avocado, coconut and olive oils covering my clingfilm-wrapped head. I also smell like potato salad. Try not to be put off though – when blonde works it works and on the odd occasion a various concoction of anti-frizz/smoothing/rehydrating gunk does the job, then I look for all the world like a plumper, shorter version of my emulated Brit model Agyness. Which with all the tousled platinum sex-kittenish appeal, can be totally worth having people mistake you for a branch of Kauai.


A fellow blonded friend recommended I use HASK Macadamia Oil shampoo & conditioner in conjunction with their Revitalising Shine Hair Treatment with macadamia oil to combat the dryness and I’m pleased to say it has worked wonders. Not only does it moisturise and smooth severely dry locks, but it smells amazing too! You can find HASK at Clicks for about R123 a bottle and R50 for the oil.

Even post-blonde, (I’ve reverted back to my natural brunette as I want to grow out my pixie cut) my hair still needs regular moisture masks but between weekly coconut oil treatments and daily washes with HASK, (I’m OCD about having clean hair) one would never say that just three weeks back I was film starlet-platinum.

Check out Georgia’s blog The Fortunate Ones, and follow her on Twitter


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