Travelling with The Balm Cosmetics

Hey you!

So, if you’re like me, packing for a trip is a bit of a nightmare. I always end up packing last minute, with half of my life all over my flat and stressing about not taking everything I own with me (yes, it’s true, I generally overpack). Packing beauty products and make-up stresses me out, and I usually just throw everything into my bag and continue.

I had to pack for a two week work trip a few months ago, and I promised myself that I would pack strategically this time (also because I had 1 bag and many clothes that I wanted to fit inside of it). I thought I would start with the make-up and beauty products to get that out of the way. I started going through all of the make-up in my drawer, questioning what colour eyeshadow I’d need to take (would I use that golden glittery brown shade – really?) and if two different bronzers were really necessary when I stumbled upon my travel palette from The Balm Cosmetics. I got it a while ago as a present from a friend and I had obviously just put it at the bottom of my drawer and forgotten about it – what a perfect time to discover it. I packed it in my make-up bag and that was that.


While in Spain I found myself really getting to know this palette (two weeks is a long time without your usual highlighter, bronzer, eyeshadow – yes this palette has all of that). I found the highlighter/luminizer is this palette amazing  and I haven’t gone back to my usual highlighter since getting home. Their range of eyeshadow shades is just perfect and I really enjoyed Bienvenido on a few nights out.


All in all, if you travel a bit, or you just like having all of your make-up needs in one place, this is the palette for you! I mean, they even give you suggested combinations, has doing your make-up ever been this easy?!


Let me know what your strategy is when packing for a long trip.




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