Provoke: Touch of Silver Intensive Conditioner

Hiiii guys.


If you’ve been reading Smudged for a while, you’ve been on a bit of a hair journey with me. I’m a natural brunette, who decided spontaneously 3 years ago to go blonde, then I liked the dark roots a bit too much so went for an ombre look, and now I’m somewhere in the middle. It’s been fun. I can confirm however that your hair colour does not determine how much fun you have, your attitude does. Anyway. I’m getting carried away here.

My blonde tips were getting a bit brassy and I decided that instead of my usual gentian violet in my shampoo I should try out something a little more legit. I went into Clicks during lunch one day, found this baby on promotion and decided to give it a whirl.


I’ve been really impressed with this conditioner over the last few weeks. It smells pretty good (not too strong) and it really does leave my hair feeling silky smooth, especially if I leave it on for a good 3 or 4 minutes while I’m exfoliating.

All in all, I’m enjoying this baby and I’ll let it live in my shower for a while still. It’s only R99.95 at Clicks!




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