Weekend away essentials

Hiiii guys.

So happy that our site is back up and running, it was a long two weeks of admin and call centres and bla but finally it’s all sorted. Sho, after all of that I could use a lovely weekend away.

A few weeks ago (months ago now, where has the time gone?!) I spent a weekend in Chobe, Botswana with my parents and little sister. It was an incredible weekend with game drives, gin and tonics and beautiful sunsets.


Before the weekend away, I was planning and packing and thinking about what I was going to take with me in my carry on bag when I realised that half of my products were over the ml limit and I couldn’t take them with me. Eeeeek. So I really had to have a rethink about what products I was going to need and which ones I was going to take with me, this is what I came up with.


weekend away

  1. Eucerin Sun Fluid 50 SPF – it was a beautiful sunny weekend so of course I have to look after my skin and make sure that the sun doesn’t damage it. One of my favourite things about this sun fluid is how non-greasy it is and how quickly it absorbs into my skin. Definitely recommend this baby, I normally keep it in my handbag too just in case.
  2. Eucerin AQUAporin Active – this is one of my go-to products and after using it for the last six months I can’t imagine my life without it. It was great for giving my skin some loving after the airplane air and the Botswana sun.
  3. Nimue cleansing lotion – I needed a cleanser last minute and couldn’t take my Garnier Micellar Cleansing water with me due to airline restrictions and my carry on bag, so I threw this one into my toiletry bag. I had used it for a while when I was using the whole Nimue range, but even by itself it’s a great cleanser, really does leave my skin feeling fresh and clean without any harshness.
  4. LUSH Celebrate body lotion – this delightful body lotion came into my life at the LUSH Christmas product launch last year and I just hadn’t tried it out yet. I threw it in my bag last minute and thought I’d give it a try while on holiday. It’s a great rich moisturiser that really does leave your skin celebrating, I do think it was maybe just a tiny bit too heavy for the warm weather in Botswana, but definitely something I’d pack again for a slightly colder destination.
  5. Eau Thermale Avene hydrating serum – one of my absolute favourites at the moment and I just can’t seem to stop talking about it. It kept my skin super moisturised without every feeling greasy. Winning. You can read my full review of this baby over here.

What are the products that you pack everytime you go away? Let me know!




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