My Hair’s current BBF


So, I’m not sure about you, but my hair is pretty fickle when it comes to BFFs. One week it looooooves this new shampoo, the next week – over it, and on to the next one.

Anymore, less about my hair’s imaginary feelings and more about my hair’s current BFF – Dove’s pure care dry oil. This is the friend that my hair wants to have drinks with as soon as work ends a Friday and the friend that gets invited over for wine and movie nights, and the friend that is number one on speed dial (for this week), and the friend that gets drunk texted on a Thursday night after some bad choices. Have I taken this metaphor a bit too far? Oh dear.


I use this baby every time I wash my hair, it really does help lock in some moisture and it prevents that frizziness that I hate. It’s really similar (like I couldn’t find any differences) to the Tresemme dry oil, so either of them will do the trick. I’ve been using some fancy salon shampoo and conditioner, and paired with those this dry oil is even more of a winner.

Do you use any oil on your hair? Let me know!




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