Are salon hair products worth the cash?

Hey you.

I’m going to jump right in and deal with this question that I’ve asked SO many people over the years. Is salon shampoo worth the money?


I’ve heard this saying so many times, yes we wear our hair everyday, but is buying salon shampoo really the best (or only) way to invest in it?

It’s been explained to me using wine (because anyone who knows me knows that this would make it easier for me to understand). Shampoo is like wine. All wine is made of grapes and with a very similar process, but some bottles cost R30 (Tin Cups FTW), others cost hundreds of rands, and a professional wine person (or a keen wine drinker) can tell the difference very easily. It’s the same with shampoo apparently.

I’m not going to bore you with which shampoos have sulphates, and which ones will make your hair stronger, grow faster, become unbreakable etc, but I will let you know what I’ve experienced.

I’ve been using salon brand shampoo and conditioner for the last 6 months. My hairdresses (Ninette at Scar) said she could tell after I’d been using it for a month, and she said she could feel the difference. I was skeptical to say the least. Now, 6 months in, I can honestly say that I can see a difference. (And believe me, I would love to say that I haven’t noticed any difference and that I could stick with drugstore hair products forever, but alas).

My hair is so much healthier, and it is stronger (I mean, it didn’t happen overnight, but I can honestly feel the difference). I do also find that I use a lot less product than before, so yeah it is more expensive, but I do think in the long run I’m winning.

Also, especially if, like me, you colour your hair, a good shampoo and conditioner really does make a difference. I’ve been bleaching my hair for the last 4 years and I can definitely feel that my hair is WAY happier now.

That being said, specific drugstore hair products will forever have a piece of my hair, right now I’m really enjoying testing out this Garnier Ultimate Blends hair treatment.

Something else that I’ve found also makes a huge difference is the other products you’re using. The heat protector, hair oil, all of that really adds up and takes care of your hair.

What do you think about salon hair products vs drugstore products?

Let me know your thoughts.




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  1. Hi Jess!
    I’ve been using salon products for about 7-8 years now and I might be the biggest hair snob ever since. Until recently I didn’t own any drugstore hair products, but I caved and bought dry shampoo from Clicks and Dischem. I agree with you, my hair is doing much healthier and doing so much better, but I still have to cut quite a lot of dry ends (about 10cm) because of continious bleaching and hot styling.
    More recent technology (or is it just good marketing?) is starting to influence my thinking. I think there might be some hidden gems in the drugstore that I just don’t know about, especially with products such as hair masks and hairspray. Is hairspray not hairspray? I don’t know :)
    There’s also the no-poo argument, which I’m not ready to face yet. Any thoughts on the no-poo thing?

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