Ponds Age Miracle Range

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Hope you’re having a wonderful morning.

A little while ago I got sent the new Age Miracle range from Ponds, and since I recently turned 27 and I do feel like I’m getting older faster than before, I was very excited to try this out.

ponds anti aging range

Intensive Cell Regen Serum

This lovely serum goes on before your moisturizer in the morning and evening, it absorbs super quickly, leaving your skin with quite a velvety feel and has a really nice fragrance too. AAAAAAaaand it has 20 times the concentration of CLA4 when compared to Pond’s day cream.

The benefits of the serum according to Ponds themselves:

  • fights fine lines and wrinkles
  • helps to reduce the appearance of age spots
  • enhances skin radiance

I haven’t seen any major changes in the last month or so of using this, but stay tuned and I’ll give you a six month review.

BB Cream – beige

If you’ve ever read any of the posts on this blog, you’ll know I’m a BIG fan of the Sorbet BB cream (like HUGE, like the biggest fan). I did give this BB cream a try and I was at first a bit concerned about the initial shade that was appearing on my face. Thankfully it really does soften a bit and I quite liked the shade that it ended up  being, and I definitely think I’ll be using this in the future, but I couldn’t build up the coverage as well as I normally do with the Sorbet BB cream, so I’ll stick to using this BB cream during the day.

Day and night cream

I’ve only used these babies a couple of times, so I don’t think it’s fair to review them just yet, but I have been enjoying them so far. I’ve found that both of them are quite quickly absorbed into the skin, which for me is a big plus. I’ve also read that the night cream is specifically designed to help your skin accelerate it’s renewal process overnight.

Let me know if you’ve given this range a try!


jess smudged beauty



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  1. I am also 27 but don’t use any anti aging ranges

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