Summer with Lipidol Sunscreen Oil


After this weekend, I feel like summer might have finally arrived in Cape Town. Sho, it certainly took it’s time. Now that the sun is finally shining I’ve had a chance to try out this Sunscreen Oil from Lipidol.

lipidol sun scnscreen oil

On Sunday it was the perfect day to try out this baby. I’ve always been quite a fan of sunscreen oils, so the consistency and application of this Lipidol sunscreen oil is not new to me. What I do really like about this sunscreen oil is that is has a higher SPF than most I have used in the past – SPF 20.

When I was trying this out on Sunday, of course I had to reapply after jumping into the pool to cool off, but I’m happy to say that after a good few hours in the sun I’m not burnt, and (my favourite thing about using a sunscreen oil) my skin feels moisturized and happy.

You can get your hands on this baby at most Clicks stores, you can also check out the reviews on rubybox.

I feel like this baby is going to be a staple for me this summer.


jess smudged beauty


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