Making moisturising easier with Vaseline

Listen, let’s just cut to the chase here.

I’m pretty lazy when it comes to moisturising, I will do ANYTHING rather than moisturising. It just seems like such a mission, and I have to keep on doing it every day? MISSION. And it just takes such a long time and I always feel like I’ve lost hours of my life to the task. Sigh.

I’ve been looking for a solution to this problem for a while now, and I saw so many spray moisturises online and on international beauty blogs but it took a while for the solution to come to us here in SA.

Finally, Vaseline released these three babies. My life has been changed.

Vaseline Spray Moisturiser

I’ve had these three babies in my ammunition since just before Christmas, and I’ve never been happier to moisturise. It’s now a quick and easy process. These guys are also perfect for the summer months because they are not super greasy and they absorb super quickly. What used to take me like 5 hours (ok that is an exaggeration, but it really felt like it) now takes me 3 minutes. WINNING.

If you’re looking for a product to make your life easier and save you time – this is it.  You can find these guys in your closest Clicks store, or you can buy them from Clicks online here.


jess smudged beauty



  1. Kezia Lilenstein · · Reply

    Amazing! I need this! I hate moisturising

    1. As do I, but life is substantially better and easier with one of these in my life. You can get from Clicks!

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