The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Face Mask


So a while ago I got to spend some delightful time in the UK catching up with friends and exploring. I spent a good few days chilling with my bestie Stamatia in St Albans. The one day it absolutely poured with rain, for the first few hours we weren’t going to let the bad weather stop us. We explored the park, and walked through the town and eventually decided that we were soaked. We stopped at The Body Shop to pick up this face mask and we headed home for a pampering afternoon.

body shop charcoal mask

It really does have a weird consistency, there are like bits in the mask which was strange at first. It smells minty fresh and amazing though, so I was excited to give it a try.

Once you’ve got it on your face it does start to tingle, which I liked. I want to feel like the product is actually doing something, you know?

I left it on for a good hour (even through it says only 20 minutes) and I did feel like my skin was soft, glowing, and fresh when I removed it.

I sadly had to leave this baby with Stamatia in St Albans, but I’m definitely going to go and get one of my own.


jess smudged beauty


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