Scar’s new Roots bar


So if you’re someone like me, who needs to get their roots done like every 8 weeks, and who ALWAYS forgets to make the appointment and then my hairstylist at Scar is full, and then you go into a mad panic and *gasp* even consider going somewhere else to get your hair done, then Scar’s new Roots bar is perfect for you.

Roots – Logo

I’ve been to Roots twice now. The first time was only a few days after it just opened, I had my roots down and a blow dry all in under 2 hours (and I even got an awesome little bag of presents to celebrate their opening).

The second time I went was last weekend and, wait for it ladies, for the month of November they are running a special that if you have the app, you get a free blowdry and if you booked using the app you get 20% off! So, basically, I paid like R320 for my roots and a blowdry. WINNING.

Roots is upstairs in the Lifestyle on Kloof centre (same floor as Wellness Warehouse), so if you haven’t been before, download the app and get your ass there in November!


jess smudged beauty


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