Getting ready for Summer with Elancyl

Ladies, how do you get a bikini-ready body? Well, you take your body right now, and you put it in a bikini. Done. Slight rant over.

Anyway, if you do have some cellulite concerns (according to the internet that is 90% of women), then you have to give these two Elancyl babies a try.

The white one on the left is specifically created to target cellulite on the butt and thigh area, which the green bottle on the right is for your tummy.

Thankfully, both of these products have a pretty good formula and they don’t leave any sticky residue on your hands. When I was using both of these consistently, I did see a difference, my skin felt a bit firmer/tighter. The cream is a weird champagne/gold colour, but it absorbs super quickly.

You can buy the Elancyl range on rubybox.


jess smudged beauty



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