LOV lip care


So for me, winter wreaks havoc on my lips. They are often dry, sore, flakey. It’s a nightmare. EVERY SINGLE WINTER. And even though winter is over, I’m still dealing with the aftermath.

I got sent a cute little package from LOV Cosmetics featuring these two babes – a smoothing lip scrub, and a lip treatment oil.


LOV lip oil and lip scrub

The lip scrub works so well. Like, out of this world well. I’ve always struggled with the loose lip scrubs. Like – how do you get all the little bits to stay on your lips? How does it work? PANIC.

With this lip scrub guy, its a great applicator so you just twist to get more scrubby stuff and then you get to work on your lips with the sponge-like applicator. Works like a charm.

The lip treatment oil is also great, although I find it a tiny bit too hectic to use during the day. I put some on my lips just before I go to bed (at the same time as my Avene Hydrance mask – every night!) and I wake up with happy moisturised lips.


jess smudged beauty



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