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Easy Peasy V-day Looks

It’s a day where lovers’ love and drunk dialing ex’s is all around us. We are particularly fond of all the chocolate. Since this year Valentines lands on a Saturday, we’ve got you covered no matter where your evening takes you. Jess This weekend, for Valentine’s Day, Ben and I have gone away with a […]

The Tunes: Not In Love 2015

For every lover, there’s a non-lover (fighter seems a little too harsh). This playlist is a selection perfect for your Galentines aka Valentines with the gals. To listen to our playlist please click here Love,  

The Tunes: In Love 2015

In time for V-day, we though it would be a really good way to get you in the romancing mood but sharing some of our favourite ‘in love’ songs. We’ve carefully put this together and are hoping you’ll have the same feels when you hear these tunes. Love and heart shaped boxes,

And the winner is…

a huge congratulations to Nevisha Benny for winning our festive hamper giveaway. We are so excited for you and hope you love all the divine bits we’ve put together for you.   Love and all the products,

You thought we’d forget about you: A Festive Giveaway

The last few weeks have really gotten the Smudged team in the festive spirit: from looks to get you through the season to gift guides galore. Keeping within the Christmas spirit that this time of year is all about spreading some cheer and to show how much we really appreciate you all especially since we’ve been […]

Festive Beauty Buys for Beasts (read: Boys)

Boys are probably the hardest to shop for UNLESS they’ve said that they specifically want something. At Christmas, I usually take it as the time of year to restock their bro-beauty because the men in my life generally aren’t willing to do it themselves. Here’s my top picks of Beauty Buys for Beasts 1. Coal […]

Festive Work Party Look

It’s Friday which means that there is a ton of work Christmas parties making their rounds, one last hoopla with your work buddies before tying up loose ends and going on your December holidays. I always feel that for work Christmas parties it’s a good chance to be a bit more you and a have […]

Broke Girls Guide to Gifting: DIY Gingerbread Scrub

Hello all, As I’ve mentioned before, unlike the rest of my Smudged team, I am still a student. This means, funds are usually quite tight but at Christmas I still love to give a lil something to show my loved ones that I still do love them and appreciate them. This is a really quick […]

Jodi’s November Favourites

For the last week I’ve been mulling around my monthly favourites. I’m a product whore. I love them all unless I hate them. I had gathered up so many things last night that the logical thing was to film a video rather that do a blog post because it would be so flipping long that […]

A Bit of a Review a Bit of a Rant

Hello friends, Today I’m reviewing the Nivea In Shower Moisturizer Body Conditioner R39,99. I also am aware this is going up a little later than usual because I’m just putting it out there that I have ‘finished’ second year and woke up with out an alarm. You know, just living my life, bitches. Claims Nivea […]