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Gift guide: Boys

Hiiiiii. Ok I’m going to cut straight to the chase here, if you’re reading this gift guide its because you’ve got two days left to find the perfect gift for your boyfriend, brother, dad, uncle, brother-in-law… you get the point. Let’s just get straight into it, because with 2 days to go before Christmas, I […]

Gift guide: under R100

Hello! So, Christmas is very quickly getting closer and closer and I don’t know about you but I’m starting to panic slightly. If you’re anything like me, you’ve got a Secret Santa present that you need to buy for your work end of year function, another one for the girls Christmas dinner you’re attending, and […]

Gift guide: shop local Part 2

Hiiiii guys. Thanks for reading Shop Local Part 2! (If you didn’t catch part 1 you can find it here). In the previous post I mentioned a few of my favorite South African brands, and what you can buy those special people in your life for Christmas, today I’m here with even more SA brands […]

Gift guide: shop local Part 1

Heeeeeeeyyyy, look at that. It’s the 1st of December. The perfect day to start our Christmas gift guide series. Yay for presents! We’re starting with my favourite: A Christmas Gift Guide for shopping locally. I love supporting South African brands, so this gift guide is all about buying things for the important people in your […]

All we want for Christmas

Christmas is almost here and we’re all super excited to get festive! (And by get festive I mean eat ALL the food.) Even though we probably collectively have enough beauty products to get us through the next few decades, there are always a few new ones that find themselves on our lust list! Here’s what […]

Christmas naaaails

Heyyy you. Look at that, it’s almost Christmas. FOK. I for one have only just managed to finished all of my Christmas shopping eeeeee. Anyway, I will be the first to admit that I’m not 100% sure where I stand with the whole nail art trend. Like, sometimes I think it looks awesome and other […]

Christmas Cocktail Party Look

Hello lovelies Hope you’re all getting into the festive spirit! For me that involves two staples: food and glitter. Lots of glitter. So I was excited to come up with a Christmas make-up look that involved some sparkle. I’m obsessed with rose gold so that needed to make an appearance too. Here are the products […]

Festive Beauty Buys for Beasts (read: Boys)

Boys are probably the hardest to shop for UNLESS they’ve said that they specifically want something. At Christmas, I usually take it as the time of year to restock their bro-beauty because the men in my life generally aren’t willing to do it themselves. Here’s my top picks of Beauty Buys for Beasts 1. Coal […]

Luxury Christmas Gift Guide

Hi readers, The festive season is in full swing now and we’re putting together some gift lists here on the blog! Check out last week’s gift guide which featured Jess’s Buying for your Bestie and Michelle’s Secret Santa gift guide for under R100. I got to create the fun one, albeit the most unattainable list, but hey, […]

Festive Work Party Look

It’s Friday which means that there is a ton of work Christmas parties making their rounds, one last hoopla with your work buddies before tying up loose ends and going on your December holidays. I always feel that for work Christmas parties it’s a good chance to be a bit more you and a have […]