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Scar’s new Roots bar

Hiiii. So if you’re someone like me, who needs to get their roots done like every 8 weeks, and who ALWAYS forgets to make the appointment and then my hairstylist at Scar is full, and then you go into a mad panic and *gasp* even consider going somewhere else to get your hair done, then […]

John Frieda sheer blonde shampoo conditioner

Get sheer blonde with John Frieda

Yo blondies. I’ve written quite a few posts about caring for your blonde hair, especially if it’s fake*. *I mean you’re not a natural blonde, you’ve had some highlights/peroxide/blonding products in your life. I have been a fake blonde for about four years now, and it’s definitely been a journey for me. I’ve learnt what my hair […]

john frieda frizz ease

John Frieda Frizz Ease

  Happy Thursday everyone! Hope you’re ready to relax and regroup on the public holiday tomorrow. I’ve recently been trying out a good few shampoos and conditioners, my shower is looking like a shelf in a hair salon at the moment. Buuut, the benefit of trying out all of these things is that I get […]

Grey hair obsession

Hi. Ok, it’s getting to a serious level here, I am totally obsessed with grey hair. Like I’m spending way too much time looking at photos on Pinterest and pining for this amazing shade of grey. Hairdressers out there, tell me how much this is going to cost me? Love,

Hair secrets detangled

“You have such thick beautiful hair!” “Can I please have your hair?” These are compliments I often hear. I don’t necessarily feel I am ‘blessed’ with fabulous hair, rather, I know how to look after it, and put time and effort into keeping it beautiful, strong and healthy.   Looking back on my life; there […]

Are salon hair products worth the cash?

Hey you. I’m going to jump right in and deal with this question that I’ve asked SO many people over the years. Is salon shampoo worth the money? I’ve heard this saying so many times, yes we wear our hair everyday, but is buying salon shampoo really the best (or only) way to invest in […]

The Balayage Obsession

Guys, listen here, if you don’t already know, now you do. The balayage obsession is REAL. Yes, I’m fully into it, and I’ve got the lovely Ninette at Scar to thank for my balayage. All the cool kids are doing it. (AKA it’s all over Pinterest and Instagram). Are you on board with this balayage trend? […]

My Hair’s current BBF

Hiiiiii So, I’m not sure about you, but my hair is pretty fickle when it comes to BFFs. One week it looooooves this new shampoo, the next week – over it, and on to the next one. Anymore, less about my hair’s imaginary feelings and more about my hair’s current BFF – Dove’s pure care dry […]

Provoke: Touch of Silver Intensive Conditioner

Hiiii guys. HAPPY FRIDAY! TGIF! If you’ve been reading Smudged for a while, you’ve been on a bit of a hair journey with me. I’m a natural brunette, who decided spontaneously 3 years ago to go blonde, then I liked the dark roots a bit too much so went for an ombre look, and now […]

TRESemme’s Platinum Strength

Hiiiiiiiiii guys HAPPY FRIDAY, we’ve made it through the week and that’s reason enough to celebrate! So, I’ve been trialling quite a few new products lately, as part of my promise to you and myself that I will pull myself together and get back at this whole blogging thing. TRESemme shampoo is a regular in […]