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Neutrogena’s HydroBoost Water Gel

Ok, so if you ever read any of my posts or see any of my Instagrams, you know that I’m always looking for some miracle product to hydrate my dry skin. I use many different combinations, I try hydrating masks, I just feel like my skin cannot get enough. Thanks to rubybox I got to test out […]

avene cleanance

Problem skin solved with Avene

Heyyyy. So, I’m not sure if I sub-tweeted Avene or their PR company, or if they somehow read my mind. But my skin has been giving me a few small issues lately. Just some breakouts that normally never happen, and I’ve been looking for something to sort that out. Then, just a few days later, […]

LOV lip oil and lip scrub

LOV lip care

Heyyyyy. So for me, winter wreaks havoc on my lips. They are often dry, sore, flakey. It’s a nightmare. EVERY SINGLE WINTER. And even though winter is over, I’m still dealing with the aftermath. I got sent a cute little package from LOV Cosmetics featuring these two babes – a smoothing lip scrub, and a […]

Not just lip service – new Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colours

Hiiiiiii. Rimmel London have just launched some new matte lip colours, which come in some aaaaah-mazing shades. Their lasting power matches my ultimate matte lipstick from Yardley, so based on that – these babies are totally worth the R199.99 on rubybox. I swatched all of these babies in my Instagram Stories, thankfully I saved the photos […]

Getting ready for Summer with Elancyl

Ladies, how do you get a bikini-ready body? Well, you take your body right now, and you put it in a bikini. Done. Slight rant over. Anyway, if you do have some cellulite concerns (according to the internet that is 90% of women), then you have to give these two Elancyl babies a try. The […]

lipidol overnight face oil

Lipidol Overnight Face Oil

Hiiiiiiiii guys. So if you follow us on Instagram you would have seen a couple of posts about my winter skin essentials because I feel like as soon as my skin feels like winter is almost here it falls apart. I’ve tried many things over the years to get my skin to be a bit happier […]

body shop charcoal mask

The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Face Mask

Hiiiii So a while ago I got to spend some delightful time in the UK catching up with friends and exploring. I spent a good few days chilling with my bestie Stamatia in St Albans. The one day it absolutely poured with rain, for the first few hours we weren’t going to let the bad […]

Dove’s 100 colour challenge

Hiiii So a little while ago I got into work to find a bunch of these babies from Dove, they’ve got a whole new formula (but with the same classic Dove scent) so I thought I’d give them a try. I’m going to be honest, I’m a sucker for the Dove Original one, it has that […]

Avene Hydrance Optimal before and after 

Hiiiiii Recently I got my hands on the Avene Hydrance Optimal tinted moisturiser (which I didn’t even know existed) to try out. I’ll be honest, normally a tinted moisturiser doesn’t work for me. I’ve always found in the past that either the shade isn’t right, or it just feels funny on my skin or it […]

john frieda frizz ease

John Frieda Frizz Ease

  Happy Thursday everyone! Hope you’re ready to relax and regroup on the public holiday tomorrow. I’ve recently been trying out a good few shampoos and conditioners, my shower is looking like a shelf in a hair salon at the moment. Buuut, the benefit of trying out all of these things is that I get […]