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Summer sun loving with Avene

Hiiiiii So, if you follow Smudged Beauty on Instagram (which you totally should because I update that way more often than I blog here) you will already know how much I love the Avene brand.  I’ve spoken about their Cleanance range recently, aaaaand their serums, and their spring water, their face masks, I mean, everything […]

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Summer with Lipidol Sunscreen Oil

Hiiiiiii. After this weekend, I feel like summer might have finally arrived in Cape Town. Sho, it certainly took it’s time. Now that the sun is finally shining I’ve had a chance to try out this Sunscreen Oil from Lipidol. On Sunday it was the perfect day to try out this baby. I’ve always been quite a […]

Summer loving with Eucerin

Hello lovelies Yes, I know, it’s been a very long time, but let’s just get right back into it and pretend we were never apart? A few weeks ago (maybe months ago now – where is this year going?!) Eucerin dropped off a lovely little present – all about premium sun protection all year round. […]

Vichy #IdealSummer review & giveaway! [closed]

Helloooo! Guys, its a beautiful day in Cape Town today, and it’s just making me so excited! We tried out some lovely products from Vichy, and thought that you’d let you know how we found them and then give you a chance to win!   Capital Soleil SPF 50 Mattifying Face Dry Touch  Guys, when […]

Travel Buddies Vol I

Hey baby hey baby hey. (Yes I may have that song stuck in my head, now you do too!) I’ve been thinking about writing this post for a while, especially after some of my rather interesting business trips into deepest darkest Africa.* *ok that’s a bit of a lie, more like business trips to pretty […]

Latest Empties

I rounded up some recently finished products, and here’s what I’ve got to say about them… Alpha Gentian Violet  Can’t live without the stuff, it’s more important to me than toothpaste. I specifically use this brand only as the cap has a nozzle and it’s easy to drop the liquid this way. I don’t even […]

Adventures with Roaccutane (2)

Hey guys, Here’s my second post for my series on roaccutane. You can read the first one here. I’m two months into my course and feeling like I’ve been on this stuff all my life but am seeing great results even though the side effects have been a bit of a bitch. The constant red […]

Cat Eye 3-Way

Ehehehehehe! I did it again! About a year ago we wrote the first 3 way- the Coconut Oil 3 Way. Now I have mentioned before that my love for the old flick has been a long one, I actually think it’s probably the only make up style that suits me. Everything else just doesn’t feel […]

Fun in the sun with Piz Buin

Hello readers, We’ve got some products from Piz Buin ready to be reviewed on the blog today. They kindly sent us 4 of their products just in time for the summer sun and we’ve each viewed a different one. We’re very happy that summer has finally arrived in Cape Town and the time for beach, […]

SPF Lowdown (this one’s a killah)

G’day lovelies! Since the sun has been shining for more than an hour in Cape Town, I thought it was a good time to start talking about SPF and my love for Daddy Yanky, Pitbull and other spanish rappers as they make me feel all summery and sheez. Anyway, back to SPF. Firstly, I want […]