tresemme beautiful volume range

Hi guys, HAPPY FRIDAY! Since it’s December now and we’re getting closer and closer to Christmas I thought I’d do a quick giveaway. This Beautiful Volume range from TRESemme is up for grabs. All you gotta do is head over to our Facebook page (give us a like) and then leave a comment on this […]

lipidol sun scnscreen oil

Hiiiiiii. After this weekend, I feel like summer might have finally arrived in Cape Town. Sho, it certainly took it’s time. Now that the sun is finally shining I’ve had a chance to try out this Sunscreen Oil from Lipidol. On Sunday it was the perfect day to try out this baby. I’ve always been quite a […]

Hi. Ok, it’s getting to a serious level here, I am totally obsessed with grey hair. Like I’m spending way too much time looking at photos on Pinterest and pining for this amazing shade of grey. Hairdressers out there, tell me how much this is going to cost me? Love,

ponds anti aging range

Good morning lovelies. Hope you’re having a wonderful morning. A little while ago I got sent the new Age Miracle range from Ponds, and since I recently turned 27 and I do feel like I’m getting older faster than before, I was very excited to try this out. Intensive Cell Regen Serum This lovely serum […]

“You have such thick beautiful hair!” “Can I please have your hair?” These are compliments I often hear. I don’t necessarily feel I am ‘blessed’ with fabulous hair, rather, I know how to look after it, and put time and effort into keeping it beautiful, strong and healthy.   Looking back on my life; there […]

lipidol after shower oil

Hiiiii *waves* It’s been a while since I’ve posted about Lipidol on Smudged, you can see the first post about the Lipidol products here. I recently came across my Lipidol After Shower Oil in my dressing table top drawer and thought I should give it another try. I couldn’t remember why I had stopped using […]

labello blackberry shine

Happy Wednesday lovely people. In case you haven’t heard/seen/discovered, Labello has brought out a new product, Blackberry Shine. It’s got an awesome dark purple-ish sheen that makes it look like you’re wearing a bit of make-up when you’ve really just popped on some Labello that was hanging around in your handbag, winning. This delightful shade […]

how to highlight contour

Hi ladies, Just a quick post from me today. I’ve had so many conversations lately about highlighting and contouring, where to highlight, where not to highlight, “do you know how to do that contouring thing” and some girls just sound quite frightened about the whole thing. So I thought I’d share something I pinned ages […]

Hey you. I’m going to jump right in and deal with this question that I’ve asked SO many people over the years. Is salon shampoo worth the money? I’ve heard this saying so many times, yes we wear our hair everyday, but is buying salon shampoo really the best (or only) way to invest in […]

Hiiii lovelies. Happy Friday! I hope you’ve all had a fantastic week and that you’re ready for the weekend. A little while ago Bio Oil sent me this very handy (and beautiful) first aid/Scar care kit (which I took with me to Rocking the Daisies but thankfully didn’t have to use). I thought now was […]