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Red Square’s winter beauty trends: Blush

Hiiiii guys. So since winter is here we might as well make the most of it, and talk about the winter make-up trends that Red Square are featuring. Today we can talk about blush. How stunning is winter-white skin with a pop of colour on your cheeks? (I feel like my cheeks are always a little red, […]

Red Square’s winter beauty trends: Smokey Eyes

Hiiiiiii So winter is officially here and I’m constantly freezing cold and making a hot water bottle every night, eeeeee. Bring back summer please! But, sometimes there are some pretty awesome things about winter – like this smokey eyes trend. Using products from Clarins, Bobbi Brown, Catrice, Essence and more, you can recreate Kendall Jenner’s […]

Anime Halloween Tutorial

Morning you awesome people you! So when it comes to Halloween dress-ups, I tend to veer towards the creepy and gory. I want all the fake blood! But this year I want to try out a few different vibes and see what happens. So, as you may have seen on our instagram, I decided to […]

Runway to Main Rd: Chanel Couture SS14 Tutorial

Happy Monday lovelies! Or not, because Monday’s are where dreams and cake go to die. What do we need on days like today? Fantastical couture-inspired make-up of course! Coming right up… The Chanel Couture SS14 show was a stunner. I’m not into luxury brands (they’re full of shit imo) but I’ll take inspiration where I […]


So the alternate title for this post was ‘The Worst I Have Ever Looked’. But as a ginger who only discovered eyebrow dye at age 15, I think we all know that’s just not true. This, however, is a close second. Zombies are totes the new vampires. Apparently we as humans tend to become fascinated […]

Rocky Horror Show : Magenta Tutorial

Good Morning my unconventional conventionalists! Head on over to a A Fashion Friend today, where we have a quick and easy make-up tutorial for a Magenta inspired look. This one is not to be missed, check it our here.

A Guide to Highlighter

Morning campers! Sooo you know that radiant glow that people get when they’re in love or preggers? Well, turns out you can just buy it and avoid all that social interaction stuff. Score! All you need is highlighter. The point of highlighters is to reflect light, which they do by containing lots of ground-up shiny stuff […]

My daily make-up routine: Mich

Hey guys! I’m Mich, the fourth member of the awesomeness that is Smudged. I love make-up and beauty shiz, probably more than I care to admit. Like I sometimes fantasise about winning a Reggie’s Rush through Dischem. I know right, dream big. Today I’m going to show you my everyday make-up routine. I wish I […]