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My Hair’s current BBF

Hiiiiii So, I’m not sure about you, but my hair is pretty fickle when it comes to BFFs. One week it looooooves this new shampoo, the next week – over it, and on to the next one. Anymore, less about my hair’s imaginary feelings and more about my hair’s current BFF – Dove’s pure care dry […]

Hair makeover!

Happy Friday dearests! I’ve been dying my hair red since I was 16 (and wrote about my tips for starting a love affair with red here), and before that I was a natural redhead that turned into a sort of strawberry blonde. So even though I’ve experimented with all the shades of red I could […]

September Favourites

So here we are again, it’s Monday, and the thought of actually starting to get through the huge pile of work on your desk is just a bit too much to handle right now… don’t fear! Smudged is here to distract you (and ensure that you look busy in case the boss happens to walk […]

Braided Topknot

  Yes girls, I’ve got ANOTHER hair tutorial for you. We’ve covered the fishtail braid, and the waterfall braid, so now we’re going to do something a little different – a braided bun. What is that you ask? Well, it’s the perfect look for this upcoming windy winter season. It’s a more interesting version of […]

Get your waterfall on!

Today, we are going to learn something new and really exciting – how to do a waterfall braid! What is a waterfall braid you ask? Oh, only the hairstyle I’ve been seeing ALL OVER PINTEREST for the last few months. It seems like everyone on Pinterest knows how to do this, except me. So I […]

Too Dirty to Clean my Act Up: How I Broke my Everyday Hairwash Habit

Wa-haaa hahaha hahaha! Ladies. Move. Gentleman. Move. Somebody ring the alarm. Ring the alarm. That is a jam. Instead of going on about how this song reminds me of SACS Socials way back in ’03, I’m going to talk about the third thing in my life I’d like to spend a shed load of money […]

More Dove Love

Hey guys, its your favourite fake blonde again! I feel like I’m forever talking about products for fake blondes and how to keep your blonde looking brighter for longer, but I just can’t help that I’m so passionate about it.  I’ve been blonde for just over a year now, and I’ve spent a bit of […]

Hair to last the weekend

Hey Kids, So by now I’m sure you’re all pros about festival prep and beauty etiquette (if you’ve been following our posts you definitely are). Today I’ll be addressing the issue of what to do with your hair at an outdoor festival. You most definitely won’t be washing it, straightening it, blowdrying it or even […]

Hair-story and a helping HAND

My hair and I have a true love/hate relationship. As Coco Chanel said, “When a woman cuts her hair, she changes her life” (or maybe it was her lover in the movie adaptation of her life that actually said that). Well whoever said it, it’s really stuck with me. Three years ago I had an odd […]