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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween lovelies! Hope you all have something fun planned for this weekend…preferably one that requires some creepy dressing up! Here are a few of our favourite Halloween inspiration pics to get you ready for the weekend… White Sugar Skull Sam from Batalash can do no wrong in my eyes, and this white version is […]

Pinterest Hack: The Grossest & Coolest Thing To Date

Only a week to go until Halloween! Mwahahahhaa! Whilst doing my daily Pinterest perusal I noticed a lot of DIY latex popping up in my feed. Now I am thrifty, yes, and I do enjoy a good DIY but this one really spoke to me in many ways. Mostly because I like messing. I also […]

Black Swan Tutorial

Happy Friday dearests! How was your Halloween? We celebrated last weekend with cake and copious amount of lethal punch. What we remember was great! :) Our amazing friend Emma let us turn her into Nina from Black Swan for the night. Have you guys seen that movie? I swear I’m still traumatised. Nevertheless it makes […]


So the alternate title for this post was ‘The Worst I Have Ever Looked’. But as a ginger who only discovered eyebrow dye at age 15, I think we all know that’s just not true. This, however, is a close second. Zombies are totes the new vampires. Apparently we as humans tend to become fascinated […]

“I want to suck your blooodddd” Vampire Nails tutorial

I love vampires. True Blood is probably in my top 10 shows so much so that I get like an overexcited puppy the day it airs and I might wet myself with glee. Lets just put it out there that I like real vampires. Not those sissy sparkly ones or those brooding teen vamps either. […]

Face of an Angel

Morning my dear ones Today we’re getting angelic up in here (up in here). This is for all of you Halloween party-goers who aren’t looking to go full-on dark side. This look could also be adapted for an Ice Queen costume too, which would be stunning! We roped in our lovely friend Sam to be […]

Sugar Skull Tutorial

Hello my lovelies Today I get to show you a tutorial I’ve wanted to do for aaages…the Sugar Skull (or Day of the Dead) look! The Day of the Dead is a Mexican tradition where families and friends gather to celebrate those who have passed on. Rituals include leaving sugar skulls and marigolds on altars […]

This is Halloween

Hey my lovelies Halloween is just around the corner and I can’t wait! Believe it or not, this is the first time in my life that I’ll be dressing up for the holiday. The joy of religious upbringing ;) Ever since I was young I’ve been fascinated by all things spooky and weird. So when considering […]