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lipidol overnight face oil

Lipidol Overnight Face Oil

Hiiiiiiiii guys. So if you follow us on Instagram you would have seen a couple of posts about my winter skin essentials because I feel like as soon as my skin feels like winter is almost here it falls apart. I’ve tried many things over the years to get my skin to be a bit happier […]

lipidol sun scnscreen oil

Summer with Lipidol Sunscreen Oil

Hiiiiiii. After this weekend, I feel like summer might have finally arrived in Cape Town. Sho, it certainly took it’s time. Now that the sun is finally shining I’ve had a chance to try out this Sunscreen Oil from Lipidol. On Sunday it was the perfect day to try out this baby. I’ve always been quite a […]

lipidol after shower oil

Reigniting my Lipidol love affair

Hiiiii *waves* It’s been a while since I’ve posted about Lipidol on Smudged, you can see the first post about the Lipidol products here. I recently came across my Lipidol After Shower Oil in my dressing table top drawer and thought I should give it another try. I couldn’t remember why I had stopped using […]

November favourites

Hiiiiiii lovelies. Here’s our monthly favorites for you! Eucerin Anti Redness Concealing Day Cream I’ve been using this moisuriser as a primer for a few months now because 1) It’s very light and 2) It is tinted green which helps to combat any redness. I wear it before I put on make-up for the day […]

Best of 2014: Bath & Body

Happy Thursday – one more sleep until the weekend! Woooo. So here are our favourite bath & body products from 2014. Let us know what your favourites are! Jess Lipidol After Shower Oil The Lipidol After Shower Oil is hands down my favourite product of 2014. I struggle to remember to moisturize my body, because […]

All we want for Christmas

Christmas is almost here and we’re all super excited to get festive! (And by get festive I mean eat ALL the food.) Even though we probably collectively have enough beauty products to get us through the next few decades, there are always a few new ones that find themselves on our lust list! Here’s what […]