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If you only buy one LUSH bathbomb

Hiiiii Listen, just a small word of advice from me. If you only ever buy one LUSH bath bomb in your life, make sure it is the intergalactic bath bomb because it is the best thing I’ve ever experienced in my life. Your bath water ends up looking like a galaxy, and there’s even glitter […]

Weekend away essentials

Hiiii guys. So happy that our site is back up and running, it was a long two weeks of admin and call centres and bla but finally it’s all sorted. Sho, after all of that I could use a lovely weekend away. A few weeks ago (months ago now, where has the time gone?!) I […]

January Favourites

Hellooooo. So now that the festive season is over, and we’re all back in the swing of things at work and at home, we’re back at it here at Smudged and we’re looking forward to a very exciting 2016. Here are our favourite products for January:   Palmer’s Deep Conditioning Protein Pack We recently did […]

Gift guide: under R100

Hello! So, Christmas is very quickly getting closer and closer and I don’t know about you but I’m starting to panic slightly. If you’re anything like me, you’ve got a Secret Santa present that you need to buy for your work end of year function, another one for the girls Christmas dinner you’re attending, and […]

Instagram round-up IV

Hey you! So, we’ve been very slack with our Instagram round-ups on the blog, and now we have so much to catch up on! If you’re already following us on Instagram you would have seen these photos, but if you’re not here’s what’s been happening. (Also, you can follow us here)   We got our […]

Travel Buddies Vol I

Hey baby hey baby hey. (Yes I may have that song stuck in my head, now you do too!) I’ve been thinking about writing this post for a while, especially after some of my rather interesting business trips into deepest darkest Africa.* *ok that’s a bit of a lie, more like business trips to pretty […]

Best of 2014: Bath & Body

Happy Thursday – one more sleep until the weekend! Woooo. So here are our favourite bath & body products from 2014. Let us know what your favourites are! Jess Lipidol After Shower Oil The Lipidol After Shower Oil is hands down my favourite product of 2014. I struggle to remember to moisturize my body, because […]

Best of 2014: Hair

Aaaand we’re back with more of our favourite products from 2014. Today we’re talking about our favourite hair products. Jess Weirdly enough, choosing my favourite hair product of 2014 was probably the hardest out of all of the categories. I use A LOT of different products, and I’m generally not too brand loyal when it […]

Festive Beauty Buys for Beasts (read: Boys)

Boys are probably the hardest to shop for UNLESS they’ve said that they specifically want something. At Christmas, I usually take it as the time of year to restock their bro-beauty because the men in my life generally aren’t willing to do it themselves. Here’s my top picks of Beauty Buys for Beasts 1. Coal […]

Buying for your bestie

Just 15 more sleeps until Christmas! Hope you’ve got all your wrapping paper and washi tape ready – let’s go! I always find buying presents for my besties a little tricky because I want to get them something really amazing that blows their mind and shows them how much they mean to me, but I’ve […]