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Products I regret buying :(

Boo Hoo! I’m hating on this post because it means I wasted dollar dollar bills, and for me that’s shiate because I am actually Scrooge Mcduck and nothing pleases me more than diving into a pile of my own monies. But here we are and I hope my mistakes are lessons for you. I research […]

Rainbow Dash Nail Tutorial

Happy Friday dearests! One of my favourite things in the whole world is My Little Pony. Beth and I have shared this obsession since we were kids, and still give each other My Little Pony-themed presents pretty much every birthday. When I was a kid my favourite pony was Rainbow Dash, who used to look […]

VDay Nails <3

Happy Valentine’s Day Readers! Along with all the other loved up stuff coming your way today we thought we’d share with you some beauty related love. If you’re wanting to get a little festive today we’ve got just the tut for you! This nail art tutorial looks time consuming but we promise it isn’t! So let’s […]

You Put the Lime in The Coconut (not really) Fruit Basket Nails

That song. Man, it’s amazing. It’s like summer in a song. And it reminds me of my mom who always sings: “you put the lion in the coconut”. Which logistically doesn’t make sense but anyway the title is sort of irrelevant in this case. This nail tut is wonderful to say the least, but it’s […]

“I want to suck your blooodddd” Vampire Nails tutorial

I love vampires. True Blood is probably in my top 10 shows so much so that I get like an overexcited puppy the day it airs and I might wet myself with glee. Lets just put it out there that I like real vampires. Not those sissy sparkly ones or those brooding teen vamps either. […]

Get Yo’ Nails Did: Aztec Inspired

Nails are so under-rated as far as being a fashion accessory and lets face it, neither aztec nor galaxy prints are leaving us anytime soon. Also, I’m totes obsessed with triangles. Thanks Alt-J. Just thanks. The inspiration for today’s post is a little different as I wanted to fuse the two trends and have used […]

Glitter Nails. YOLO.

Before we get into this nail art tutorial, there are just a few things I need to get off my chest. For starters; I’m unsure of how I feel about nail art. Is it cool? Is it tacky? Does it mean you have too much time on your hands? (pun intended) This is an internal […]

Nails Did: The simplest of nail arts

I’m going to be the first to admit that I spend far too much time caring about Zooey Deschanel’s nail art* (I love her, I don’t care what anyone says and when I grow up I want to be her) but a lot of things worry me about nail art. Today’s post isn’t a hate […]

Wolverine Nails

Since we Smudged girls are all about beautiful things with a mischievous twist, we decided to create a saucy nail look for date night. Chic with an edge, these Wolverine inspired nails bring in the oxblood trend that’s spot on for Winter. Today on A Fashion Friend we’re releasing our inner animals. Grrrrrr. See the […]

Exciting news!

Happy Monday peeps! We have some exciting news…we’re going to be ‘flogging’ at A Fashion Friend for the next 2 weeks! A Fashion Friend is an amazing local online fashion magazine. If you want to look like you know what’s happening, check it out. They are the shiz. Today we’re sharing a fun nail art […]