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Stay polished with these new colours from Sally Hansen

Hey guys! Happy Wednesday – it’s hump day! We recently got sent some new babies from Sally Hansen and we thought we’d let you know all about them.   From left to right: 671 – Moheato 331 – Enchante 547 – Peach of Cake 375 – SGT Preppy 641 – Bell of the Ball   […]

Nails Inc Christmas Cracker Review

Hello lovelies! So I am currently on a self-imposed spending ban. I have enough make-up to sponsor the next 10 seasons of Ru Paul’s Drag Race, and enough’s enough! (Pending Jodi bringing me the Urban Decay setting spray from England, but I digress) Before that came into effect though, I got the deal of the […]

The Broke Girl’s Guide to Grown-out Manis

Aaand it’s Friday! Thank all that is holy, because this week has been LONG. So I don’t know about the rest of you, but there are certain things I hate spending money on. For instance: black pumps, beige underwear, and those stupid long-sleeved vests things to wear under jerseys in winter. Something less boring but […]

“I want to suck your blooodddd” Vampire Nails tutorial

I love vampires. True Blood is probably in my top 10 shows so much so that I get like an overexcited puppy the day it airs and I might wet myself with glee. Lets just put it out there that I like real vampires. Not those sissy sparkly ones or those brooding teen vamps either. […]

Pinterest Interest

Hi everyone, In today’s post I’ll be sussing out the Pinterest wins from the Pinterest fails. There is just SO MUCH out there that it can be intimidating to try and pin all the things you like, let alone try and make use of any. I find the DIY categories probably the most relevant/useful to […]

High Street to Main Road

Morning Peeps! I’m going to take you on a hypothetical shopping trip today along High Street and Main Road. High Street being the less budget-friendly street where one might find higher-grade products.  Main Road is where the cheaper and lower-grade products are found. Sometimes you can even find gems. Sometimes. When it comes to purchasing […]

Nails Did: The simplest of nail arts

I’m going to be the first to admit that I spend far too much time caring about Zooey Deschanel’s nail art* (I love her, I don’t care what anyone says and when I grow up I want to be her) but a lot of things worry me about nail art. Today’s post isn’t a hate […]