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Naturals Beauty Review and Giveaway! [closed]

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Hope you’re all having the best day ever – we’re so close to Christmas eeeeeee. We got a lovely delivery from Naturals Beauty (and it might have included a little something for you too!) White Sugar Scrub This sugar scrub is just delightful, I keep this guy (with some other scrubbing friends) in my […]

Gift guide: shop local Part 1

Heeeeeeeyyyy, look at that. It’s the 1st of December. The perfect day to start our Christmas gift guide series. Yay for presents! We’re starting with my favourite: A Christmas Gift Guide for shopping locally. I love supporting South African brands, so this gift guide is all about buying things for the important people in your […]

Skincare for Beginners Part 3: Fancy-ing up the Routine

Aaand it’s Monday again. How did that happen?? Anyhoo let’s distract ourselves with some more skincare talk! Today’s post is for anyone who wants to up their game in the skincare department. I personally really enjoy beauty things (funny that, a beauty blogger who likes beauty) so I’m interested in all the extras we can […]

Skincare for Beginners Part 2: The Products

Hey there! Happy Friday! What better time to revamp your skincare routine than the weekend? (Unless you’re, like, out having fun or something) Anyhoo, should you have read Wednesday’s post and are now looking to treat yo’self, here are a few products I’d recommend. Enjoy! Cleansers All skin types Cetaphil Cleansing Lotion (R70) The Body […]

Skincare for Beginners Part 1: The Routine

Hello lovelies Today I’m going to write about something I’m super interested in and one of the most-requested topics on the blog, SKINCARE! Now I know make-up is more exciting with all it’s colours and glitter (ermagerd glehtur), but I love skincare because it really changes your natural appearance instead of just altering it superficially. […]

Naturals Beauty Winner!

Thank you to everyone who entered the Naturals Beauty giveaway that we posted a little while ago. We wish we could give all of you the prize! The lucky winner of the giveaway is Denise Francis! CONGRATULATIONS! Denise, please email your address to smudgedbeauty@gmail.com so that we can get your prize to you. If you […]

Naturals Beauty Review and Giveaway!

Happy Friday dearests! Today we’re going to talk about an amazing local brand that I use and love…Naturals Beauty. I discovered them at a local designer pop-up shop last year, and have been using their products every day since. The main pull factor for me is that all their products are free from petrochemicals, parabens […]