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Not just lip service – new Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colours

Hiiiiiii. Rimmel London have just launched some new matte lip colours, which come in some aaaaah-mazing shades. Their lasting power matches my ultimate matte lipstick from Yardley, so based on that – these babies are totally worth the R199.99 on rubybox. I swatched all of these babies in my Instagram Stories, thankfully I saved the photos […]

Cat Eye 3-Way

Ehehehehehe! I did it again! About a year ago we wrote the first 3 way- the Coconut Oil 3 Way. Now I have mentioned before that my love for the old flick has been a long one, I actually think it’s probably the only make up style that suits me. Everything else just doesn’t feel […]

Rainbow Dash Nail Tutorial

Happy Friday dearests! One of my favourite things in the whole world is My Little Pony. Beth and I have shared this obsession since we were kids, and still give each other My Little Pony-themed presents pretty much every birthday. When I was a kid my favourite pony was Rainbow Dash, who used to look […]

Apocalips NOW

Apocalips now – get it? Anyway, a while ago I got my hands on this Rimmel Apocalips in Celestial. Such a beautful name for such a beautiful colour. The gloss applicator has a little hole/well in it, that collects the product so that you can get the perfect colour with only one application.  The applicator […]

“I want to suck your blooodddd” Vampire Nails tutorial

I love vampires. True Blood is probably in my top 10 shows so much so that I get like an overexcited puppy the day it airs and I might wet myself with glee. Lets just put it out there that I like real vampires. Not those sissy sparkly ones or those brooding teen vamps either. […]

Priscilla Presley Wedding Make-up Tutorial

Hey everyone, For this Wednesday morning’s post I’ve decided to recreate the look of a beautiful bride of 1967, Priscilla Presley. Her wedding day make-up has become iconic and been made into a 1000 other tutorials in her honour. There even exists barbie dolls of the two of them on their wedding day! Step 1 […]

Exciting news!

Happy Monday peeps! We have some exciting news…we’re going to be ‘flogging’ at A Fashion Friend for the next 2 weeks! A Fashion Friend is an amazing local online fashion magazine. If you want to look like you know what’s happening, check it out. They are the shiz. Today we’re sharing a fun nail art […]

BB Cream Breakdown

As I’ve definitely mentioned before, BB cream is my lifesaver. I honestly don’t know what I did before it entered my life. I have a huge irrational fear of foundation, and that orange-face look haunts me in my dreams. I first heard about when Talya came back from Thailand and was raving about it, but […]