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Hippies with flowers in their hair

Hey lovelies Hope you had a great weekend…did any of you go to Rocking the Daisies? Jess and I had such a great time swanning around in our Hunter boots and flower crowns. Winning. Here we are after a rather drunken 2 nights… I bought my Lolita Rose Crown from Portobello Road in Kenilworth. They […]

How to survive three days without showering

On Sunday evening I finally made it back to my flat after Rocking the Daisies. It was an epic weekend, filled with great local music and some awesome international acts, a bit of comedy, surviving the freezing cold wind, sleeping without a mattress, running around in the mud (we were very happy with our Hunters […]

High vs Low Maintenance Festival style

Happy Friday lovelies! Today Jess and I are off to Rocking the Daisies! Can’t freaking wait! If you head over to A Fashion Friend’s new Are You Going? page, you’ll find 2 festival looks we love. One’s for you natural girls, and the other is for those who want something a bit more eye-catching. I […]

10 Festival Tips

Here are my top ten random festival tips that will make your festival experience just THAT much better. BB cream. It’s a lifesaver. Dry shampoo. You’ve read my ode to dry shampoo here, and I cannot preach about this product enough. Bring it. SUNSCREEN. I usually leave this tip up to Michelle, but at a […]

You & 2 make-up items on a Festival Desert Island

We’ve put together a list of the desert island products we could not attend a festival without. Or any other event for that matter! We limited ourselves to only two choices and it was tough! You can check out the full post here on A Fashion Friend. Let us know what your two make-up items […]

Main Stage Look: Grunge Love

We are SO excited about Rocking the Daisies this weekend – who will we be seeing there? CAN’T WAIT. Anyway, because we’re so festival-obsessed at the moment, our post today on A Fashion Friend is a make-up look for the main stage at Rocking the Daisies, a bit of grunge for all of you.  You […]

Festival Fashion

Festivals are all about having a weekend full of pure, carefree fun and looking amazing while you do it. I’m a tiny bit obsessed with festival fashion (and flower crowns) and I’ve been stalking it on Pinterest for weeks now. Here’s some inspiration for you guys, especially since Cape Town’s festival season has officially started. […]

Beauty Tips for a Festival Newbie

Hey guys and girls, Festival season is officially upon us and we’re here to impart some of our beauty knowledge and previous experiences with you all. If you happen to be going to a festival for the first time, then listen up as here are some tips to help you out: 1) Wear nail polish […]

Rocking the Daisies & gross things

Festivals, some people love them (ME) and some people really do not enjoy them. I love festivals, and would go to them every weekend if I could (and if someone could pay me lots of money so that I could afford it). Festivals are a chance to get away from work/school/varsity/your real life for a […]