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REN product reviews

The lovely folks at REN sent us some of their goodies for us to try which they had put together for each of us personally. Thanks guys. <3 Beth tried out these two lovely products: REN Rosa Centifolia Cleansing Balm The first thing I liked about this product is the way it smells. Because it […]

New favourites from The Body Shop

Happy Friday! A week ago The Body Shop had a sale happy hour, and as usual I couldn’t resist checking it out! Last week we told you about the new Body Shop body sorbets, which I’m definitely going to pick up in the summertime. In the meantime I chose their other 3 new releases to […]

Skincare for Beginners Part 2: The Products

Hey there! Happy Friday! What better time to revamp your skincare routine than the weekend? (Unless you’re, like, out having fun or something) Anyhoo, should you have read Wednesday’s post and are now looking to treat yo’self, here are a few products I’d recommend. Enjoy! Cleansers All skin types Cetaphil Cleansing Lotion (R70) The Body […]

Skincare for Beginners Part 1: The Routine

Hello lovelies Today I’m going to write about something I’m super interested in and one of the most-requested topics on the blog, SKINCARE! Now I know make-up is more exciting with all it’s colours and glitter (ermagerd glehtur), but I love skincare because it really changes your natural appearance instead of just altering it superficially. […]

Kiehls Reviews

Look at that it’s Wednesday again! How the heck did that happen? Today Mich and I are going to chat about two Kiehl’s products we’ve been testing. We’re huge Kiehl’s fans and are doing a giveaway with them here, so go check it out! Kiehl’s Skin Rescuer (tested by Jodi) For the last couple months […]

Matchmaker: The Body Shop Cleansing Balm and Warming Mineral Mask

Good morning my lovelies! Today I’m going  tell you about my skin combo matchmaker. The Body Shop has been really bringing it in terms of new budget friendly releases in their skin care range lately and for the last couple of months I’ve been really loving the Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter,  R120* and Warming Mineral […]

Naturals Beauty Review and Giveaway!

Happy Friday dearests! Today we’re going to talk about an amazing local brand that I use and love…Naturals Beauty. I discovered them at a local designer pop-up shop last year, and have been using their products every day since. The main pull factor for me is that all their products are free from petrochemicals, parabens […]


We were very lucky to be contacted by this brand new, cruelty free, farking amazing, ethically wonderful and superb skincare brand when Michelle posted some of the cruelty free brands available to us in South Africa. I feel like we need to talk a whole dang lot about Lulu & Marula. Born out of creator and […]

Things we should do (and probably don’t)

Morning lovely readers! Today we’re going to talk about the ‘shoulds’. The everyday things we should be doing to keep ourselves healthy, but probably aren’t. I can’t stand it when models answer interview questions with ‘My beauty secret? Drinking lots of water!’ (pretty sure most of us could drink Victoria Falls and not look like […]

Lush Launch! The opening of a new store and a new love affair

Hi guys, today’s post is about Lush and their store opening that went down on the 8th of June at their new Cavendish branch. Jess and I got up early (Saturdays have mornings?) and headed on over there to see what new and exciting goodies had made their way to the southern suburbs. I had […]