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Shimmy Shake

We’ve already spoken all about highlighters here on Smudged.  Michelle went through all of the liquid highlighters and broke the news that we can all buy that radiant glow that people get when they’re in love or preggers. With this in mind, today I’m reviewing my favourite highlighter and one of my must-have beauty products: […]

Lush Liquid Lipstick in Ambition

First off, I have to say that I LOVE Lush. There is honestly no other brand I feel this passionate about. I’m a vegetarian, and Lush is one of the only big beauty brands that actively protests against animal testing. All of their products are veggie, with some vegan options too (you can read more […]

A Guide to Highlighter

Morning campers! Sooo you know that radiant glow that people get when they’re in love or preggers? Well, turns out you can just buy it and avoid all that social interaction stuff. Score! All you need is highlighter. The point of highlighters is to reflect light, which they do by containing lots of ground-up shiny stuff […]

BB Cream Breakdown

As I’ve definitely mentioned before, BB cream is my lifesaver. I honestly don’t know what I did before it entered my life. I have a huge irrational fear of foundation, and that orange-face look haunts me in my dreams. I first heard about when Talya came back from Thailand and was raving about it, but […]

Foundation Guide to Buying & Matching (this is a long ‘un)

Everybody has very different experiences with foundation or, as many like to call it, base. (Base to me means primer. Check out the Optimus Primer Post here)  I’ve heard a range from “foundation is only for old women” to “give me the fullest coverage and I’m good to go” but truth is, foundation isn’t that […]

Optimus Primer – The spanx of cosmetics

Not to prime is a crime! This is the word of make-up law according to some make-up artists and users. But what are they really going on about? Is it a product? A technique? Does it come in liquid form? What the hell is it that I am looking for when I go to the […]