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Jodi’s November Favourites

For the last week I’ve been mulling around my monthly favourites. I’m a product whore. I love them all unless I hate them. I had gathered up so many things last night that the logical thing was to film a video rather that do a blog post because it would be so flipping long that […]

A spot of Beauty Shopping

For any one who knows me well, they’ll know that I’m a frugal gal and find the thought of parting with my pennies a little bit difficult. This is mostly because as I’ve mentioned before, I used to be addicted to buying all the products.But since moving back to SA after my stint in Canada (due […]

Gold Rush

Rose gold is a big hit this season amongst the beauty scene. From MAC’s RiRi packaging to Stila’s classic Kitten collection, rose gold has always been a favourite of mine and it’s now making it’s way back on the scene! Stila has just brought out it’s beautiful range of magnificent metals foil finish eyeshadows and this […]

All we want for Christmas

So Christmas is nearly upon us! Tis the season of Secret Santa, Carols by Candlelight, and the age-old tradition of eating an entire family-sized bag of Quality Streets while watching Love Actually. Obviously us Smudged girls have more than a couple of beauty products we’re lusting after! Here are a few dream items we have […]

Priscilla Presley Wedding Make-up Tutorial

Hey everyone, For this Wednesday morning’s post I’ve decided to recreate the look of a beautiful bride of 1967, Priscilla Presley. Her wedding day make-up has become iconic and been made into a 1000 other tutorials in her honour. There even exists barbie dolls of the two of them on their wedding day! Step 1 […]

High Street to Main Road

Morning Peeps! I’m going to take you on a hypothetical shopping trip today along High Street and Main Road. High Street being the less budget-friendly street where one might find higher-grade products.  Main Road is where the cheaper and lower-grade products are found. Sometimes you can even find gems. Sometimes. When it comes to purchasing […]

Optimus Primer – The spanx of cosmetics

Not to prime is a crime! This is the word of make-up law according to some make-up artists and users. But what are they really going on about? Is it a product? A technique? Does it come in liquid form? What the hell is it that I am looking for when I go to the […]